About the College

CJC at a Glance CJC at a Glance

The College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida is one of the largest combined colleges of journalism and communication in the country. With its exceptional breadth and depth, UF’s CJC is a premier academic community located at the intersection of rigorous storytelling and data sciences, journalistic excellence, strategic communication, social impact and public service.

Fast Facts

 Founded: 1925 (Department of Journalism); 1953 (School of Journalism and Communications); 1968 (College of Journalism and Communications)

  • Total enrollment for Fall 2019: About 3,000
  • Faculty: 72
  • Four Academic Disciplines: Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations, Telecommunication
  • Distance Learning: 8 online master’s programs, 4 online certificates
  • Graduation Rate: 81% (4-year undergrads), 87% (2-year master’s)
  • Internship Rate: 85%
  • Student Diversity: 43% non-white
  • Media Properties: 2 TV, 5 radio and companion websites; PBS, NPR and ESPN affiliates
  • Living alumni: 33,000+

What Makes UFCJC Stand Out

  • One of the pioneers of the “teaching hospital” method of communication education that bridges faculty research with student experience in real-world venues serving various communities
  • Uses a science-based approach to studying, teaching, testing and practicing storytelling with a particular focus on social change
  • Hub for teaching excellence—four CJC professors have been named the UF Teacher of the Year in the past 11 years
  • Provides one of the most extensive immersion experiences for news, sports and weather across seven media properties housed at the College
  • Is one of the only colleges with a working strategic communication agency developing campaigns, creating strategies and conducting research for clients
  • Boasts the second highest internship rate at UF (85 percent of our graduates had at least one internship in their academic career, 60 percent had two or more)
  • Includes the only STEM Translational Communication Center at a U.S. university
  • Possesses the most cancer communication scholars of any University
  • Is the only academic institution with a Center for Public Interest Communications and the only endowed chair in field of public interest communications
  • Hosts the largest annual gathering for social change communicators and communication scholars
  • Offers endowed programs focused on First Amendment and freedom of information issues
  • Houses one of the largest data journalism and coding programs in the U.S.
  • Includes a Media Effects and Technology Lab that explores the use of immersive technology to improve communication, particularly around social issues
  • Is the only organization in the U.S. operating a statewide public radio emergency network, now supporting both Florida and South Carolina.

 Key Areas of Focus

  • Communication Technology
  • First Amendment and Media Law
  • Investigative Journalism Health and Science Communication
  • International Communication
  • Media Effects
  • Media Industry and Consumers
  • Social Change Communication
  • Sports Communication
  • Strategic Communication

Centers and Endowed Programs

  • Brechner Center for Freedom of Information
  • Center for Public Interest Communications
  • Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology
  • Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project
  • STEM Translational Communication Center

Thought Leadership


  • frank gathering
  • Becoming a Woman of Influence
  • Great Storytellers
  • Climate Communication Summit

Shared Insights (2018-19)

  • 80+ peer-reviewed
  • 120+ conference papers
  • 60+ faculty and staff articles in mainstream publications

Professional Skills Development


  • The Agency: An integrated, strategic communications firm
  • The Innovation News Center: A multi-platform news operation
  • Seven TV, radio and digital properties
  • Fresh Take Florida: State government investigative journalism team
  • GatorVision: University Athletic Association media operations


  • Media Effects and Technology Lab
  • GHQ entertainment and information R&D lab

In-class and student-run

  • Elevate Agency: A student-run advertising firm
  • Alpha Productions: A student-run public relations agency
  • Orange and Blue: A student-run magazine
  • ChomPics: A student-run online video and broadcast productions
  • Capstone campaign classes for Advertising and Public Relations students

Journalism and Broadcasting Awards (2017-19)

 Hearst Journalism Awards: 50

  • Florida AP College Broadcasting: 51
  • Florida AP Professional Broadcasting: 31
  • SPJ Regional Mark of Excellence: 85
  • Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards: 18