Research and Theory Master's

Science and Health Communication (thesis required)

The Science and Health Communication track is an on-campus program designed to teach scientists and health specialists to communicate effectively via media, and to teach mass media specialists the background science to translate the language of science and health into meaningful and understandable stories for their audiences. These goals are achieved through theoretical writing and applied courses. At least two aspects of the program make it unique among science communication programs nationwide.

First, other existing science communication programs in the U.S. focus on training journalists. UF’s program, however, is open to journalists who want to specialize in covering science and health and also offers theoretical background, and science and health policy training for people planning to work in areas such as public affairs or public information in science and health organizations. It also is relevant for scientists and researchers who need to be able to communicate with the public about their work. Second, the program grounds students in current research in the field should graduates decide to enter a doctoral program.

Admissions is for fall only. For admissions information and application materials, contact

For information about the health and science curriculum and program requirements, contact Dr. Debbie Treise.

Degree Plan

MAMC: Science/Health Communication


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