Our Future

Dean Diane McFarlin

This is an extraordinary moment in time for our disciplines.

Technological advancements are accelerating, and with these advancements come dramatic changes in how information is produced, distributed, received and believed.

At the same time, trust in media, and indeed in all American institutions, is at an historic low. Where technology and trust intersect is where misinformation and dishonesty can flourish. Today, truth has lost power to bias and manipulation, impeding our ability to distinguish fact from fiction.

More than ever, the ethics and standards that we teach at CJC are critical underpinnings for professional communicators.  READ MORE

In 2018, CJC added an unprecedented 16 new faculty positions, making us one of the largest communication programs in the country, including both researchers and professionals. Meet the new faculty, who, along with our current renowned faculty, will help guide us into the future.

New job skills, emerging technology, new teaching approaches and other factors will have an impact on how we teach our students over the next five years and beyond.  Here is how CJC is evolving to stay ahead of a rapidly changing environment.