Diversity Initiatives

CJC Inclusive Language Guide

Inclusive language is a major tool in our commitment to a diverse and inclusive work environment. This guide is a living document of up-to-date inclusive language practices and recommendations for best communication in the workplace. As a general rule use a colleagues name, first and last if necessary, to address them if you do not know their identifying pronouns or classifications. Click here to view the CJC Inclusive Language Guide.

CJC Calendar of Religious Observances

Faculty are asked to utilize this calendar and their own discretion when scheduling meetings, assignments and exams. This calendar lists major holidays, traditional observances and days of religious significance within Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. It also notes dates of observance for Chinese New Year and Tet. Click here to view the university attendance policy and religous observance calendar overview.

Putting the 2020 Plan Into Action

The committee is focused on ensuring that the diversity and inclusion plan adopted by the faculty as part of the 2020 Strategic Plan is being examined and executed. The committee has been meeting monthly in half-day sessions to review the plan, discuss updates and other issues and develop action plans to execute.

Coffee Breaks

The Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee holds monthly “coffee breaks” for all faculty and staff to connect and informally discuss any diversity and inclusion observations or concerns.  Click here for a schedule of upcoming coffee breaks.

A Focus on Hiring

CJC has stepped up its effort to broaden the pool of potential job candidates to include more people from underrepresented groups. Students, with production help from Telecommunication Lecturer Iman Zawahry and script by Advertising Lecturer Benny Torres, created this video which has been shared widely on CJC social media channels to help recruit candidates in the 2018-19 academic year efforts to bring on nine new faculty members.

Examining Our Search Processes

In March 2019, the task force held a half-day examination of our hiring processes under the frame that every system is perfectly designed to result in the outcomes it yields. We looked at how searches are currently run in “the back of the envelope guide to the search process,” a deep dive on mindful vs. mindless recruiting, an introduction to systems thinking to address searches and a dive into a bright spot on campus taking inspiration from the UF College of the Arts. We wrapped the summit with a “how might we” exercise to examine redesigned search processes.