Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA)

Welcome to the CJC IDEA website. Our faculty and staff are working to ensure that our college becomes a preeminent institution on matters of inclusion, diversity, equity and access at all levels of activities.


On this site you’ll find information about CJC diversity initiatives, including the work of the CJC Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (IDE) Committee — a shared governance group co-chaired by both faculty and staff that advocates toward an inclusive and equitable environment in the service of living up to the goals stated above.

The UF College of Journalism and Communications condemns acts of violence against Asian and Asian-American Communities.

UF College of Journalism and Communications stands by our Asian Pacific Islander Desi American family. We have zero tolerance for any actions that mock, malign and attack people based on their race, ethnicity or gender.

The Stop AAPI Hate report documented at least 3,795 violent incidents against these people throughout the U.S. in the past 12 months alone. This has to stop.

Our Asian-originating communities have suffered decades of discrimination and abuse in the U.S., ever since they began migrating to this country in the mid-1800s. That suffering is in line with our brutal history of intolerance of immigrants and people of color.

The tragic shootings in Atlanta last week as well as the senseless attacks on Asian Americans during the pandemic underscore that anti-Asian sentiment is very much alive in the U.S. and that we have a long way to go in securing justice and equality for all.

Hate speech and hate crimes are unacceptable at every level. We must all take the first step to condemn these acts of violence. A second crucial step is to embrace our colleagues and friends. We call on the Gator diaspora to continually examine their own work to ensure that we are not affirming, even inadvertently, pervasive and harmful narratives about Asian-identifying people and communities.

CJC shares the sentiment UF President Kent Fuchs expressed last week:

“The heinous acts of some can lead to the fear and distress of many. To our students, faculty and staff who are fearful or distressed because of this terrible violence, please know that we cherish you and your presence at our university.”

Our College is committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity and support for all, and to leveraging the insights and talent of our students, faculty and staff and alumni to promote empathy, tolerance and understanding and affect lasting change.

Here are some additional resources:

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CJC Diversity Statement

The College of Journalism and Communications understands the importance of diversity as a contribution to the industries of journalism and communications in our increasingly multicultural nation and globalized marketplace.


We value diversity and the development of competence in intercultural communication and behavior for all who are a part of our college, industry and society.


Thus, we are committed to incorporating diversity and inclusiveness in our faculty, staff, student, curriculum, research, immersion properties and culture. We embrace diversity as a shared responsibility among faculty, staff and students and strive for tangible expressions of this responsibility.


We are committed to fostering a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all races, genders, nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, identities and abilities, to express their culture and perspectives through the art and science of journalism and communications.

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