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MAMC - Advertising

About the Program

The MAMC – Advertising program is designed to develop skills for those who wish to pursue a PhD after their master’s degree or those who are interested in careers in advertising or strategic communication research.

(If you have not yet applied for this program, visit our Future Master’s page for more information. Students interested in developing professional advertising skills should apply to the Pro Master’s degree. Information on this program is available at:

Degree Plan

MAMC – Advertising

Sample Courses

Mass Communication Theory

This course includes a survey of some core journalism-focused mass media theories and examines contributions of other disciplines to media theory. Additionally, it includes an introduction to the fundamentals of academic research.

Research Methods in Mass Communication

This course provides an overview of common mass communication research methods. Specifically, we will discuss content analysis, experiments, surveys and focus groups. You will learn the benefits and shortcomings for each method. In addition, you will also be introduced to SPSS, a software program used to analyze data.

Digital Persuasive Communication

This course acquaints graduate students with the some of the more well-accepted literature in digital persuasive communication and provides the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge to understanding the psychology of persuasion in digital media environments.

Creative Strategy and Research

This curse acquaints students with: (1) the theoretical foundations of creative strategy in advertising and marketing communications; (2) the research methods utilized in gathering data for developing and evaluating strategy; and (3) the process of developing strategy.

Advanced Research Methods (SPSS, stats) OR Mass Communication Statistics

These courses acquaint students with analyses that are frequently used in communication research and to gain fundamental knowledge and practical skills necessary to conduct statistical analyses and interpret the results using SPSS software.