Students who are accepted in the program can use GSC classes to complete their professional public relations electives AND count the classes towards an MAMC with a specialization in Global Strategic Communication.

Students who participate in the combined degree are not guaranteed admission to the MAMC. They must apply and be accepted to the program.


  • Graduate-level courses
  • 12 hours that can count towards an MAMC with a specialization in GSC
  • Courses satisfy professional undergraduate electives, then count again toward the MAMC
  • Limited enrollment classes taught using distance technologies
  • Learn international advertising and public relations, fundamentals of intercultural communication, and GSC ethics and concepts

To get started, talk with an adviser and complete the combined degree form found here: www.admissions.ufl.edu/pdf/combdegreerequest.pdf.


Strategic Communication Ethics and Concepts (MMC 6936, 3 credits)

This course provides an introduction to the discipline of strategic communications and related ethical issues. Students develop a background in important strategic communication concepts, including branding, target audiences, technologies of strategic communication, the history and evolution of strategic communication and other topics. Equipped with this knowledge, students are introduced to schools of ethical thought and learn to apply them to real-world strategic communications contexts.

International Advertising (ADV 6405, 3 credits)

Students will examine global competition, worldwide markets and technological revolutions. Additional subject matter includes branding products and services under different cultural, regulatory, and competitive conditions.

PUR 6608 International Public Relations (PUR 6608, 3 credits)

Coursework assists conceptualization and execution of international public relations activities, and explores the relationship between environmental variables and international public relations practices. Course also includes a review of empirical evidence on public relations practices in other countries and methodological issues pertaining to conducting applied research.

Fundamentals Intercultural Communication (MMC 5708, 3 credits)

Coursework explores the theory and practice of intercultural communication. Students will examine specialized or regional aspects of intercultural communication. The course also includes an in-depth investigation of particular concepts and research literature. Student research required.