This program enables selected undergraduate journalism students to begin an accelerated program leading to the MAMC in Journalism. In this program, up to 12 hours of graduate-level courses are taken by undergraduate students. These hours count toward the 124 hours necessary to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, as well as the 31 hours required for the master’s degree. As per university rules, no course can be transferred into the graduate program in which the student has earned a grade below a B. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.2 to be admitted into the program.

Students can be admitted to the 4-1 program to begin taking classes in their junior year and be admitted to the graduate program in the spring of their senior year. WE RECOMMEND THAT STUDENTS APPLY FOR THIS PROGRAM AS A 2JM. Completion of this form and admission to the undergraduate portion of the combined (4-1) degree program does NOT substitute for completion of the application for admission to the master’s program. Students admitted to the undergraduate portion of the 4-1 program STILL must complete all normal application requirements to be admitted to the master’s program. Admission to the undergraduate portion of the 4-1 program does not guarantee admission to the master’s program.

To be admitted to the graduate program, a 1100 GRE score (combined Verbal and Quantitative; 550 minimum verbal) is also required. Full graduate admission requirements can be found here: www.jou.ufl.edu/grad/admiss.asp. Students admitted to the program will make the following substitutions in their undergraduate requirements.Students will pay graduate tuition for all graduate-level classes. We recommend that students take one graduate course per semester/term during their undergraduate studies, starting with the first semester of the junior year:

  • MMC 5206 (Advanced Law of Mass Communication) in lieu of MMC 4200 (Law of Mass Communication)
  • JOU 5007 (History of Journalism) in lieu of JOU 4004 (History of Journalism)
  • Two courses to be decided by the Department Chair and Graduate Adviser, based on interests and availability. Example: JOU 4502 Journalism Studies/JOU 5705 Issues and the Press; MMC 3260 Communications and the Internet/MMC 5015 Electronic Publishing.