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John Paling & Co inc

5822 N.W. 91st Boulevard
Gainesville, FL 32653
Phone: (352) 377-2142
Web site: https://johnpaling.com/
Contact: John Paling , Owner

WordPress Content Manager

Dr. Paling has totally flunked retirement! He has wide interests and continues to pioneer projects in a variety of fields. Most immediately he seeks input help with https://thomasjacksonletters.com. See also https://johnpaling.com

Duties and Responsibilities

Inputting new content and maintaining large civil war website on the WordPress platform. Ideally someone familiar with Apple products.

Minimum experience/qualifications:

Experience & ability to learn inputting data into a WordPres site.

Ideally also have good working knowledge of apps on a Mac computer. (willing to pay more for those skills)

Salary Range 

$20-25 an hour. Once established work may be carried out at applicants location.

Application Deadline 

ASAP. Applicants will see that the site is already extensive but there is as much material again still to be entered.

How To Apply 

Please send email to John Paling at jporiel@ufl.edu stating relevant experience and approximate availability.

(Posted 2/14/2020)