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601 N. Congress Avenue, Suit 206
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Phone: 888-444-7631
Fax: United States
Web site: http://frac.tl/our-work/
Contact: Nicole Franco , HR Associate

Content Production Manager

Fractl is seeking people with data analysis and/or data journalism experience to lead the research, data analysis, design, and development aspects of content marketing projects

In this position, the primary responsibilities include: 

  • Production and delivery of content on a strict schedule

  • Working with large online data sets

  • Using data analysis to craft a story appealing to journalists and publishers

    • Using Tableau

  • Managing multiple concurrent content pieces at various stages of completion

  • Coordinating a team of writers, graphic designers, research assistants and other various freelancers using email, Google Docs and Excel

  • Providing creative, editorial, design feedback and direction to peers

  • Organizing and implementing internal and client revisions

Such skills are crucial to success in the creation of high-quality content on our clients’ websites. Our best work is useful for consumers searching for information about our clients' services and products while also improving the content quality of our clients' websites to increase search rankings. This associate- to mid-senior-level position requires an innovative, independent individual who is comfortable working in a fast-paced data-driven environment that requires frequently shifting mindsets.

Minimum experience/qualifications:

  • Working knowledge of engaging, useful web content

  • Working knowledge of various government and publicly available data

  • Impeccable attention to detail. Written material with any typos or grammatical errors is entirely unacceptable

  • Working familiarity with most (if not all) of the following: Tableau, HTML, Excel, Google Docs, Gmail, and Calendar. Bonus points for experience with other Adobe products, any additional design experience, any programming experience

  • Quick to learn new platforms or systems, like Asana, Airtable, and Tableau

  • You should be able to multitask and manage your time well. Organization and planning are paramount to your success

  • Top-level Internet research skills-- you should be a Google Master

  • Strategic, creative problem solving skills with the drive of a self-starter and resourcefulness to overcome obstacles independently

  • Ability to manage yourself but also work within a team

  • Have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree

  • Creativity, problem-solving, and organizational skills are more important than your specific field of study

  • Minimum of 1 year of project management or data visualization experience

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(Posted 7/22/2019)