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Radix Health

1718 Peachtree St NW
Suite 175
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Phone: 312-315-6679
Web site: https://www.radixhealth.com/
Contact: Akshay Birla , Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Junior Storyteller


At Radix Health we have a simple but ambitious goal - make it easier for patients to see their doctors. We're looking for people who are passionate about improving health care, constantly seek to make themselves better, love challenging problems, and never say never. We honor diversity and creative thought. We are committed to building an environment that challenges you, but where you can also have fun. As a growth-stage startup, we offer competitive compensation packages that reward hard work and long-term growth.


We are looking for an intelligent, creative, and driven professional with a passion for writing, storytelling, and health care to help surface and share valuable stories about patient access. You’ll need to be quick on your feet, tenacious, and possess extraordinary hustle and thrift. You’ll need to be able to accept feedback on your work you might not like and turn around a new draft that incorporates feedback from your team. You’ll use your convincing personality and passion for our work to help find and tell stories about patient access and patient experience.

You will report to VP, Sales & Marketing, and you will help share insights on patient access and health care and share stories of the amazing results our clients are seeing with their use of DASH. You’ll write so well that the New Yorker, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal will regret not hiring you first.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop domain expertise on health care and patient access
  • Write content so good it would make your English professors proud
  • Publish so consistently the engineers on our team think you’re a machine
  • Accept feedback on content to edit, review, and revise joyfully
  • Find novel ways to evangelize patient access and our work to improve it

Minimum experience/qualifications:

Skills and Personal Attributes:

  • A burning desire to write and tell stories
  • Excellent writing, researching, and analytical skills
  • Knowledge of health care, economics, and business
  • Ability to work independently, quickly and accurately, while under tight deadlines
  • Web skills sufficiently advanced to shame an above-average Millennial
  • A natural interest in engaging audiences on social media
  • Being good to work with, even on tight deadlines
  • You’re thinking about editing this job description as you’re reading it - finding typose, restructuring sections, reorganizing bullets


  • Three samples of your best writing within the last 6 months
  • Aspiration to create amazing content
  • Demonstrated ability to work through and around obstacles and challenges
  • Demonstrated interest in health care or health technology
  • The understanding that health care is two words, not one



You can make a direct impact on access to care, working with medical groups that provide care for millions of patients annually

You will get to work with people trying to make health care better in a way you may not have imagined, and you’ll have amazing stories to tell about it

You will join a team of people who love what they do, work hard, are intellectually curious, and treat each other with respect


At Radix Health we believe that patient engagement starts with patient access. Our data-driven solutions align provider supply with patient demand, maximizing existing capacity and reducing delays in care. We help leading medical groups optimize every step of a patient’s appointment journey - from alerting patients to needed care, helping them find the right provider, scheduling an appointment across multiple channels, and engaging with patients until the day of their visit. We take the busy work out of getting patients in the door so medical groups can focus on the hard work of keeping them healthy. To learn more, please visit www.radixhealth.com.



(Posted 12/5/2018)
Application deadline: 1/5/2019