CJCxNYC connects the industry professionals of today with the communication leaders of tomorrow through a collaborative immersion program. Internships with NYC-based employers will give students an unparalleled opportunity to gain real-world experience in their respective fields. For employers, it’s a chance to experience our students’ work, skills and potential before they enter the job market. 


Interested in elevating the next generation of communication professionals? Learn more about how you can get involved through a variety of immersion learning experiences and engagement opportunities. 

Hire top CJC students for internships as an inaugural partner of CJCxNYC Immersive Summers, which will bring students to New York City for 8-12 weeks in summer 2022. CJC will complement this summer internship experience with an interactive, culturally focused curriculum.

Build a sustainable recruitment pipeline with The Agency, an integrated strategic communications agency at CJC that offers students an opportunity to grow their skills in a hands-on environment, working directly with national clients and industry professionals like you.

Host a weekend immersion or student team competition to gain the Gen Z perspective for your clients and projects—directly from Gen Z themselves. Coach student teams as they respond to a brief in 72 hours and share their ideas with your team.

If you’re interested in collaborating, contact Natalie Asorey, our faculty member in-residence in New York City and CJCxNYC program lead, at nasorey@ufl.edu