Berlin Study Abroad

2019 Students and Faculty

Sasha Vagos: Hi everyone! I am a second year telecommunication major on the production track. I live in Orlando, though I’m originally from New York. While my main focus is filmmaking, I’m still passionate about photography and enjoy the depth of the stories behind every picture. I’ve loved visiting Europe in the past and learning the distinct personalities of each country. I cannot wait to visit Germany for the first time with this group and immerse myself in the culture through photography!
JORDAN DRAZEN -- Hello! I’m a junior majoring in telecommunications on the production track. I am from Orlando, and have never left the country, so I am quite excited to visit Berlin! About 10 years ago, I began to learn how to play the guitar and collect records. Later came my love for film, and an appreciation of the process that goes into creating a movie. I’m very interested in the possibilities a camera has when it comes to framing and warping reality on the screen. I’m not as experienced when it comes to still photography, but I am hoping to learn more and crossover the techniques of both art forms.
JULIA MITCHEM -- Hello! My name is Julia, and I am a first-year journalism major from Crystal Beach, Florida. I am very interested in writing or editing as a future career, but I am not sure exactly which yet. I am very interested in the magazine industry, and love photojournalism. I would love to better my photography skills on this trip and can’t wait to see what our group creates. I have never been to Europe or studied abroad before, so I am incredibly excited. I can’t wait to see what such a world city like Berlin has to offer. I can’t wait to meet you all!
FATIMAH SBEITAN -- Hallo! My name is Fatimah and I am junior PR major, minoring in studio arts with a specialization in photography. I have always been interested in photography as a kid but never had a chance to experiment with it until my first semester of college. Though I spent about five years playing around with photography, I didn’t try my hand at photojournalism until a couple of years ago. I went to Jerusalem for an independent study project and fell in love with documenting people. I hope after graduation I can find a career that incorporates my love for photo/video, whether it be a photojournalism career or a creative PR career.  I am so excited to be going to Germany this summer and I am looking forward to meeting everyone! 
KELSEY MORRIS -- Hello! I am a first year telecommunications production major from Oldsmar, Florida.  I am currently very interested in television production and hope to become a producer for a broadcast news program! This past year I have taken up photography as a hobby. I especially love taking photos of political rallies as they are representative of photojournalism.  I am very interested to see what I can learn from this trip! I have travelled to Europe before in the past but this will be my first time traveling to Berlin and I am excited to really learn the history of the city and take some great pictures!! I can’t wait to meet all of you! 
HELBY SMITH -- Hi! My name is Shelby and I’m a freshman majoring in journalism. My goal is to work in the magazine industry, and hopefully do a lot of traveling. This trip will be my first time leaving the country, and I can’t wait to experience different cultures and see new things. I’m excited to improve my photography in a city with so many opportunities to do just that.
ALIYA MIRANDA -- I am a Telecommunications-Production student at the UF J-School. I am also the Digital Media Coordinator at the UF Samuel Proctor Oral History Program where I conduct oral history interviews, create educational web and video content, and promote internships and events through graphic design. I am an aspiring documentarian and am thrilled to have the opportunity to tell stories from Berlin. I know that this trip will be eye-opening having never traveled to Europe and I can't wait to share this experience through photography.
BAILEY PAWLOWSKI -- My name is Bailey and I am a junior majoring in Advertising on the persuasive messaging track. I'm from Orlando and this is actually my first year at UF as I am a transfer. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do so I am super excited about studying abroad. I have been to Europe a couple of times but never to Germany. I can't think of a better way to experience Berlin than through photography and this program! 
GILLIAN SWEENEY --  Hello everyone! I am a junior public relations major from Larchmont, New York. However, my family lives in south Florida now. I grew up creating and experiencing art alongside my mother who is a freelance artist. I enjoy taking photos in my free time, but I have yet to take a course in photography. Outside of that, I enjoy spending my time reading books, going to the beach and cooking. My winter break was spent reading through seven books. Generally I like historical fiction, but occasionally I’ll throw in an autobiography for fun. I also love to explore new cities. Traveling to Berlin with you all should be a great adventure.
CAMILA MORENO -- My name is Camila and I am a second year architecture major from Jacksonville, FL. I love traveling and want to experience all types of architecture from all over the world. I love photography, reading, art, and to just generally create which is why I am very excited to finally take a course in photography. I’m thinking of minoring in digital arts as well so I’m ready to learn all that I can about photography and related programs. I’ve never been to Germany before but I am ready to explore and learn.
MEGAN WELSH -- Hello. My name is Megan and I am a junior studying public relations. I am from Orlando, Florida, and I am super excited to study abroad this summer. This will be my first time out of the country.  I can’t wait to experience learning in a whole new setting and expand my knowledge of different cultures. I love taking and editing photos in my free time so this opportunity is one I couldn’t pass up. 
GABRIELLE GORGONE --  Hey! My name is GiGi. I'm a third-year telecommunications major on the production track from Rockledge, Florida. I can't see myself pursuing any career that doesn't involve visual storytelling in some way. In my free time, I travel to music festivals and EDM shows. I'd like to explore and find a blog subject in the Berlin EDM community!
DANA CASSIDY-- Hey! My name is Dana Cassidy, I'm a UF journalism freshman and i'll be going to Berlin this May! Outside of the classroom, I am the University News Editor for The Alligator, a member of Phi Mu and a features writer for Her Campus UFL! Last summer I traveled to London and Paris and fell in love with it! I'm excited to travel outside of the country again as well as get more experience with photography. Feel free to reach out to me whenever!
SPENCER WARREN -- Hi, my name is Spencer. I am a second-year philosophy and student focusing on ethics. I've lived in Gainesville for a decade before going to UF. My whole life I have been infatuated with visual arts, as my parents are career artists, and have experimented with tons of different mediums. I like to tell stories through my work and hope to learn how to do so with photography on this trip.
ISAIAH PETERS -- Hello, my name is Isaiah Peters. I’m a journalism junior at UCF. I have been publishing articles since my freshmen year at Valencia. I have grown to really love the photography side of journalism as well as the travel aspect. I have done a study abroad each summer (France, Italy) and they have been my absolute favorite experiences. I love learning about cultures, capturing the moments with a picture, and talking to different types of people.
KIMBERLY PIERRE -- Hello, My name is Kimberly and I'm a sophomore majoring in public relations. In my free time, I like to read, shop, and work out. My goal is to work as a PR manager for a media and entertainment company. This is my first time out of the country so I'm really excited to experience the culture overseas. This trip will also be a great way for me to learn more about and gain experience in photography. 
NOAH DAVALOS -- Hi there! My name is Noah and I’m a junior majoring in journalism. I am from Miami Beach, Florida, and this will be my first time traveling out of the country. In my free time, I like to watch and play football and basketball and I love discovering music. With this trip, I hope to improve my skills as a photographer. I can’t wait to experience Berlin through this program!
ANDREW STANFILL -- I’m the teaching assistant for this year’s trip to Berlin. I’ve been on the trip on four other occasions, three times as a T.A. and once as a student. I’m excited to return and guide another group around both the city and their cameras. Each time I find something new and special about Berlin, and I expect this year to be no different. I am a photo editor for The New York Times News Service, and an independent photojournalist who represents industry members on the board of the National Press Photographers Association.
JOHN FREEMAN -- I'm the professor taking the group to Berlin. This photo is from my first experience living in Germany, when I was in the second, third and fourth grades in Rodenbach, near Ramstein Air Force Base. (I've grown some since then.) My father was later assigned to Berlin, where I graduated from high school.  I'm a real sucker for nostalgia, and look forward to returning to this fascinating city for my 15th study-abroad trip. My family thinks that red hat belonged to my twin sister, but no one remembers why I'm wearing it.
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