Communicating for Success

University Students Sitting in a Classroom, Young Woman Looking Up

Communicating for Success is designed to help non-­English speakers improve their language skills to qualify for admission to our College. Through an interactive, immersion-style learning environment, students will gain essential skills to enhance their ability to write and present with a high level of proficiency, as well as gain the cultural awareness necessary to become an effective communicator. The course will also help students become familiar with the many standards and guidelines set forth by the journalism and communication industries.

Overall, this practical, hands-­on course lays the groundwork to help non-­native speakers prepare for the intensity of their UF Master of Arts in Mass Communications Program, as well as their future careers.

International Master’s applicants who are conditionally admitted to the program with TOEFL scores that are below the required minimum must attain a minimum passing grade of B at the end of the class. If the student does not pass with the minimum grade he/she will not be admitted to the Master’s program.

See Communicating for Success for more information.