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Video Storytelling

Colleen McEdwards, a faculty member in UF CJC Online, and Juan-Pablo Osman, a faculty member from Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, both offered courses on video storytelling at their respective institutions. Osman focused on fictional storytelling techniques in film and McEdwards on non-fiction in journalism or public relations. They connected their students for a series of discussions and to receive peer feedback on the respective video projects. Both courses used environmental issues as their common theme, offering rich discussion topics and learning opportunities for the students. Below are some of the students’ reflections on their experience and final projects completed  in Spring 2022.

CJC Reflections

Leah Saliter (MAMC, Political Communication Concentration) reflects on the similarities between the United States and Colombia as well as the different ways people combat climate change. She explains, “This virtual exchange will impact my work going forward because as I create more content, I will strive to see things from many different perspectives, instead of just focusing on the one that I find the most important.”

Amanda Carr (MAMC, Global Strategic Communication Concentration) reflects on the benefits of discussing her course project with her partner in Colombia and what she learned about different methods of preserving the environment. She notes, “I think it was really cool to kind of be able to talk to someone in a different country and just kind of learn a little bit about them and their way of life.”

Hannah Hodulik (MAMC, Global Strategic Communication Concentration & Graduate Certificate in Audience Analytics) reflects on the benefits of including more perspectives in the course via virtual exchange and realizing some of the similarities amongst their perspectives. “I expected there to be a lot of extremely drastic differences,” she says, “and there were some differences, but there was also so many things that were just so universally relatable…”

Holly Karnes (MAMC, Global Strategic Communication Concentration) reflects on how the virtual exchange made her wonder how things might work in other countries and how different challenges are approached. She notes, “I also really appreciated the perspective of another culture, of Melissa’s background in Colombia, and some of the things that she has experienced, some of the differences in her culture in relation to our topic that we were given of climate change…”

Universidad del Norte Reflections

Emma Triana reflects on how the virtual exchange was challenging, but in a good way, particularly in terms of encouraging her to use her English language skills. She says, “It was really cool because we could see how being from different cultures was impacting our projects…”

Juan Gutiérrez reflects on how much he enjoyed the virtual exchange and how he was able to put his knowledge of the communications field to the test. He explains, “It was very rewarding and enriching to have been part of an activity that really tested my knowledge…”

Magda Freyle notes that this was the first time she met individuals from the U.S., allowing her to understand individual perspectives better instead of relying on just what she had heard about the U.S. She also feels that the experience motivated and inspired her to perform at a higher level through interacting with colleagues in another country.

CJC Final Projects

Leah Saliter

An informational video by Saliter on reusing different types of materials through methods like composting and dumpster diving.

Amanda Carr

A non-fiction film by Carr on the benefits of composting and how to start composting in your home.

Hannah Hodulik

A non-fiction video by Hodulik about recycling and waste removal in southern California.

Sophia Mansbach

An informational video by Mansbach about biodiversity in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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