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Four CJC Faculty Receive Promotions

Four University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications faculty, Carma Bylund, Yu-Hao Lee, Matt Sheehan and Tim Sorel, have recently been promoted and two were granted tenure.

Carma Bylund

Bylund was granted tenure and is now a full professor in the Public Relations Department. She is also an associate professor in the Division of Hematology & Oncology at the UF College of Medicine. Since her arrival at CJC in 2017, she has created three graduate-level courses, teaches a monthly workshop for medical residents and is involved in collaborating with the College of Medicine to develop and implement a leadership course for select residents. Building on a productive research history before arriving at UF, Bylund has published 21 refereed journal publications, six book chapters, two co-edited books, one co-authored book, and has been awarded eight grants (including an NCI grant as co-I for $2.9 million) in the past three years.

Yu Hao Lee
Yu-Hao Lee

Lee has been granted tenure and promoted to associate professor in the Telecommunication Department. Since arriving in 2014, he has taught four different courses that cover both theoretical and practical content. Outside of the classroom, Lee has chaired or co‐chaired five doctoral and seven master’s committees and is a member of 12 doctoral and seven master’s committees. In the past six years, he has generated 20 refereed journal articles, three book chapters, and 38 invited and peer‐reviewed conference papers and was lead/sole author on two book chapters.

Matt Sheehan
Matt Sheehan

Sheehan is now a senior lecturer in the Journalism Department. Since his arrival in 2011, he has taught 25 course sections that cover both conceptual and practical content, while concurrently holding a series of administrative appointments, including Director of the 21st Century News Lab, Director of the Innovation News Center, Director of Stories and Emerging Platforms, and currently as Managing Director of the Center for Public Interest Communications and Interim Administrator of the Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology. Sheehan has created, piloted or significantly redeveloped 15 different classes for our undergraduate, graduate and online programs. Outside of the classroom, his contributions to teaching include co-facilitating a 10-day immersion project to Cuba that won multiple national awards.

Tim Sorel
Tim Sorel

Sorel has been promoted to full professor in the Telecommunication Department. Since 2007, he has taught seven different courses at the undergraduate and graduate level that cover beginning and advanced content in video production and technology. He was awarded a UFCJC Preeminence Term Professorship in 2018 as well as a UF Research Professorship in 2019. His research and creative work focuses on pediatric health and childhood literacy. In 2017, he produced an Emmy Award‐winning documentary “My Kid is Not Crazy,” and has traveled internationally producing World Pediatric Project, a television series that features surgeons traveling to small countries to give children lifesaving surgery. His current film, Small Town-Big Dreams, investigates how state governments manipulate federal laws meant to protect children who have non-English native language.

Posted: June 23, 2020
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