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CJC Faculty, Adjuncts and Students Named 2019 Anderson Scholar Faculty Honorees

Ten University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications faculty, adjuncts and students were recognized as 2019 Anderson Scholars. Anderson Scholars Faculty  honorees include Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and Telecommunication Professor James Babanikos, Rob Hiaasen Lecturer in Investigative Reporting Ted Bridis, Brechner Eminent Scholar in Mass Communications Clay Calvert, Public Relations Adjunct Larry Clark and Public Relations Visiting Professional-in-Residence Pat Ford (Ford also received the honor in 2018).

CJC students who received Anderson Scholar awards are Public Relations students Allison Russakis and Amanda Meyering, Telecommunication students Morgan Band and Naz Hussien and Journalism student Sabrina Conza.

The Anderson Scholars award, named for James N. Anderson, who served as the first Dean of the UF College of Arts and Sciences (1910-1930), was established by the UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to recognize outstanding academic achievements by undergraduates in their first two years of enrollment, regardless of college. Faculty are honored with the award for their outstanding work at UF.

Posted: December 13, 2019
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