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WUFT-FM, WUFT-TV and win Florida AP awards

Congratulations to the students and staff of WUFT-TV, WUFT-FM and for an outstanding showing at the Florida Associated Press Broadcasters Conference in Orlando, FL. In the college competition, students competed against their peers from other schools in Florida, and in the professional competition, students competed against other professionals in Florida.

Winners and finalists include:

College Competition


Best Use of Sound: WUFT-FM, Feeding the Homeless, Ebony Joseph (first place)

Best Long Light Feature: WUFT-FM, Controlling Buzzards, Jennifer Tintner (first place)

Best Radio Newscast Up to 15 Minutes, WUFT-FM, Heather van Blokland (first place)

Best Long Hard Feature, WUFT-FM, Florida’s Greyhound Industry, Stephanie Tinoco (first place)


Best TV Newscast, WUFT-TV, Shauna Mackey (first place)

Best Spot News, WUFT-TV, Corey Brooks, Christina Lob, Blair Milko, Mike Gillespie (first place)

Best Short Hard News Feature, WUFT-TV, Keighly Chambers (first place)

Breaking Spot News, WUFT-TV, Corey Brooks (first place)

Long Hard News Feature, WUFT-TV, Marc Whiteman (finalist)


Best Web Site, (first place)

Professional Competition


Best Hard News Feature, WUFT-FM, Samantha Schuyler (first place)

Investigative, WUFT-FM, Old UF Landfill, Elly Ayres (first place)

Best Newscast, WUFT-FM, Heather van Blokland & Samantha Schuyler (first place)

Best Use of Sound, WUFT-FM, CCC Revisited, Leanna Scachetti (first place)

Light Feature, WUFT-FM, War Poems, Trevor Sikkema (finalist)


Public Affairs, WUFT-TV, Veteran’s Day Special Broadcast (first place)

Posted: April 1, 2014
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