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Construction begins on 21st Century Newsroom

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David Carlson in the newsroomDean John Wright in the newsroomDean John Wright swings at the wallDean John Wright swings at the wallDean John Wright swings at the wallDavid Carlson swings at the wall

Click images to enlarge. (Photos by Steve Johnson)

Dean John Wright and Prof. David Carlson, executive director of the Center for Media Innovation and Research (CMIR), swung the ceremonial sledgehammers on April 2 to mark the beginning of construction of the “21st Century Newsroom” on the ground floor of Weimer Hall.

The futuristic, 1,200 square-foot newsroom, which will open in Fall 2009, will provide a place for students and faculty of all forms of journalism – newspaper, television, magazine, radio, online and more – to collaborate on new storytelling forms and then research the effectiveness of those new ways of disseminating information.

The newsroom is the first phase of the development of the CMIR, which will specialize in original, in-depth news reporting on issues of interest to local, regional, national and international audiences, and it will tell those important stories using new, experimental methods.

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Posted: May 4, 2009
Category: College News