Most viewed posts, 2Q 2008

Sort of, it’s offset by two weeks (April 17 – July 17). According to’s Blog Stats, the most viewed posts in that time frame were:

Yes, I still need to post here more often.

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Twitter talk

I gave a talk on Twitter Monday to Gary‘s class, Online Social Networks and Social Media. I did not think I had my good game on.

Here are some links:

Stuff I somehow neglected:

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Most viewed posts, 1Q 2008

I really want to post here (and on the other blog) more frequently, but I just can’t seem to find the time or be in the right mindset to do so lately. So I thought I’d do one of these easy-peasy kind of posts to try to break out of the rut a little.

So, according to Google Analytics, the top five popular posts here for the first three months of 2008 are:

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WordPress updated to version 2.5

I updated the WordPress instance that powers this blog yesterday to version 2.5 and cleaned up a little behind the process this morning (something had broken on the sidebar and had to be removed for now). I performed the upgrade using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin, which was a lot easier than the old-fashioned way.

The admin UI is very different and will probably take some getting used to (probably moreso because I don’t do nearly enough blogging).

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communigator about done

Except for two long list items, all the content from the Fall 2007 issue of communigator is now online. There is also still a little template clean-up for the issues’ tables of contents and the archive.

The addition of the hak_tinymce article editor plugin to the magazine’s Textpattern instance was a big help.

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College Facebook page launched

Inspired by CLAS (and not wanting to be too much of a laggard), I created a page for the College on Facebook.

The initial goal is to get news and events posted there.  Where else we go we’ll just have to see when we get there.

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Austin bound

Meet Me @SXSWI’m heading out shortly to begin my journey to this year’s SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX tomorrow through Tuesday (flying back Wednesday). One way to describe it is to say that it’s a giant, five-day-long group hug for the builders of the web.

You can follow me around on

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New Mac essentials

I thought I’ve done this post before, but couldn’t find it. Dave just got a MacBook Air so I thought I’d post a list of my essential things I download and install on any new Mac.

  • TextWrangler – My free text editor of choice.
  • Caffeine – one-click sleep preventer.
  • SlimBatteryMonitor – Smaller and better than the built-in menu battery gauge.
  • MenuMeters – ever-present performance gauges.
  • MenuCalendarClock – I don’t even use all the free features.
  • Fetch – ftp client, commercial but with a free education license. Though I frequently find myself using the ftp that’s built into TextWrangler.
  • Flip4Mac – Windows Media components for QuickTime.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Client because we have Windows machines under our desks at work.
  • The Unarchiver – better than the built-in archive opener or unStuffIt.

Firefox is, of course, first and all of the above are downloaded with it, but that almost goes without saying. I’ve blogged before about essential extensions, but I see that needs a little revision. I use Firefox rather than Safari as my primary browser because I sync my bookmarks between too platforms and I get the same user experience on both platforms.

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communigator content starts going up

The first batch of stories from the Fall 2007 communigator were released to the Web this afternoon.

Each issue is a new “section” in the magazine’s instance of the Textpattern content management system.

The biggest workflow change with this issue (so far) is the addition of the hak_tinymce article editor plugin.

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Adding hCard microformats to pages

My friend Christopher posted his Markup Map for hCard Microformat the other day and it struck me that I should be putting this markup into a current project. I did that yesterday. In addition to his post, here are some other pages and tools I found useful:

And while I was working on that project, it head me in the head that I should add this to the College site’s footer.

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