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July 2, 2007

Profile: Rick Christie

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From the time Rick Christie began the tenth grade, he was determined to become a journalist. He certainly succeeded.

“I’m a 1982 J-School grad,” said Christie with pride. Surprisingly, Christie never interned for a newspaper when he was a college student at the University of Florida. He entered the world of journalism as a clerk at a city desk. Now, Christie has written on everything from weather to the Savings and Lone Crisis. As his reputation grew, he went on to work at the Miami Herald, Lakeland Ledger, Wall Street Journal, and Cox’s newspaper the Washington Bear. He has had quite an active career involving a lot of change.

“I have diverse interests, everything interests me,” Christie said. Traveling, reading, and collecting comic books are his favorite hobbies. Christie has been a comic book collector for the majority of his life. He even sparked the esteemed Black Enterprise magazine’s interest with his comic book collection exceeding 10,000. He has three daughters, one of whom will be attending the University of Florida this year. She hopes to become either a journalist or a teacher.

Among all of the jobs Christie has had, his favorite was as a foreign editor. The job offered Christie, originally from Stuart, Florida, the opportunity to grow as a journalist and see new, exciting places. He considers his greatest accomplishment to be his coverage of the Kosovo War.

“Reporting on probably the biggest story in the world, for that long a period of time, on a daily basis, was incredible for me. I was very proud of the way we covered that,” Christie said. None of Christie’s correspondents were seriously harmed. However, a few found themselves in perilous situations. Some were snatched by a mob in Monte Negro.

“One correspondent was picked up by Serbian police just across the border and well… almost disappeared,” said Christie who spent approximately 77 days on Kosovo War coverage.

Currently, Christie is the assistant managing editor of business for the Palm Beach Post. He said that he is a strong believer in accuracy, fairness and great passion for writing. His motto is “good reporting equals good writing.” He also said that the power of curiosity is what drives journalists to report well. Rick Christie has a thirst for knowledge, and values education highly.

“I will never tell someone that their story is not interesting, it’s just not true. In my heart, it’s not true,” Christie said.

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