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June 28, 2007

Myspace > Facebook?

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The moment we all left for UF, we were probably all thinking about the same thing –“Where’s the nearest computer? I want to check my myspace/facebook.” Myspace and Facebook are great essentials for a summer program anyway; you can keep in touch and comment to your heart’s desire. It’s also a great conversation starter: “Hey, do you have a Myspace/Facebook?” Before our era, there has never been a community website so popular like these two and there’s no telling when it all be laughed upon and forgotten.

A lot of us have mixed feelings about both networking sites: Myspace is a lot more customizable and personal, and Facebook is a lot safer. But overall, which one is best? It’s truly as difficult as choosing Orbit over Stride. Teens are now indecisive about which one truly outdoes the other because, like technology, everything keeps getting better and better. New features are added all of the time and, of course, everyone has different opinions about them. It really is an opinionated decision, not to mention a teenage controversy.

There are several pros and cons for both Myspace and Facebook. Myspace includes music pages, advanced editing, and a extensive network and the cons would be multiple advertisements and errors. Occasionally Tom, the Myspace founder who is literally friends with everybody, will post an informative bulletin describing what errors are currently taking place. Does “This profile is currently undergoing routine maitenance” ring any bells? A Facebook pro that everyone loves is uploading pictures quicker and a scary con is everyone can see what you’re doing on your wall. Multiple surveys online said that Facebook is alot more practical than Myspace. There really isn’t any right or wrong choice. The two most popular social-networking websites on the Internet, Myspace and Facebook, are equally addicting.

Safety for both these websites is gradually improving. There are privacy settings on Myspace and Facebook that keep the unwanted out of your profile. Facebook, however, requires your full name and your school email to ensure that you are really who you say you are. On Myspace, you can create your first and last name and/or make yourself unsearchable if you wish.

Every survey website on the Internet claims that Facebook is superior to Myspace, mainly because there isn’t a 5 minute process of waiting for pages to load and random html clogging up your computer screen. The fact that Facebook is a lot more personal with your school account is wonderful because it’s a lot easier to find people from your school and it’s guaranteed to be a lot safer.

“Idk” which website is better, it’s more of an opinion. You decide, would you rather wait 5 minutes for Myspace pages to load, or have a basic Facebook look with no wait, but nothing special? To me they’re both even with both of their positive and negative qualities, so I can’t decide which is best.

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