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July 2, 2007

Transportation At UF For SJI

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By Emmi Weiner

Being a dancer, walking around the University of Florida’s 2,000-acre campus should have been no sweat. I’ve spent countless hours running, jumping to music and sweating my butt off. Walking the half mile from my dorm to class, which takes less then 20 minutes, should have been no big deal.

Yet there is something about that half a mile walk that causes me an annoying pain. When walking excessively, my injured ankle acts up and bothers me. Not a stabbing pain but a dull aching that is just plain annoying.

Nevertheless I endure this walk numerous times a day since driving that same half mile would be ridiculous. It would only contribute to the growing epidemic of pollution leading to global warming and the death of poor innocent penguins.

What appears to be the most common form of transportation on campus is either walking or biking. I base this on the fact that I see about 25 bikes in one of the smaller bike racks during a summer break and the 20 people I pass on the way back to my dorm.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed walking around. It has allowed me to take in UF’s campus on a whole different level, yet I want to experiment with other modes of transportation. I’ve seen numerous buses, those only taking passengers to off-campus destinations for a measly dollar for adults. Cars can also be seen frequenting the streets alongside the buses. But for trips around campus, it seems not only foolish to waste gas on a trip that is less than a mile away, it also seems extremely lazy.

Maybe the perfect experimental transportation would be riding a unicycle. How crazy would that be? If you could unicycle without falling, it would definitely draw looks and be very entertaining. I would love to see a whole group unicyclists wearing matching jerseys wiz past me on the sidewalk. Also, riding one might provide me with a fresh look at everything especially as I would tumble towards the ground.

Even though all the walking causes my ankle to hurt, I am actually glad that we have to walk. Especially since all the food is grossly greasy and probably has about 5 million calories that I probably other wise wouldn’t burn off if not for the extreme amount of walking.

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