Undergraduate Research Opportunities at UF

Contact: Melissa Johnson

The University of Florida offers numerous opportunities for undergraduates to pursue research under the direction of a faculty member. These intensive research opportunities personalize the academic experience and challenge students to strengthen their writing and analytical skills. In addition, having research experience is vital for admission to most graduate and/or professional schools. For more information, see www.honors.ufl.edu/Research.aspx.

Students participating in undergraduate research should consider completing an Honors Thesis for High/Highest Honors recognition.

University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program designed to introduce undergraduate students at the University of Florida to the exciting world of academic research. Teamed with a faculty member, students pick their topic, initiate research during the summer, and continue investigating throughout the following academic year. Scholars receive a $1,750 stipend to support their research efforts and have the opportunity to publish their research in UF’s online Journal of Undergraduate Research. The faculty mentor will receive a $500 stipend to use as needed to support the research of the student. More information →

Undergraduate Research Database

This database matches undergraduates with researchers in all fields in the university. Faculty needing research assistance post their project and contact information for students to browse. In addition to getting valuable hands-on experience, many students will be given the chance to publish their findings in prestigious journals. www.honors.ufl.edu/apps/ResearchDB.aspx/

Journal of Undergraduate Research

This monthly journal updates the university community on the various achievements of featured University Scholars in every department. www.clas.ufl.edu/jur/

Science for Life Program at UF

With funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), the Science for Life program has a mission “to strengthen and transform undergraduate research and interdisciplinary laboratory education in the life sciences” at the University of Florida (UF) and our partner institutions. Students do not have to be in the Honors Program to participate in the program. Students interested in registering for IDH 3931: Science for Life, a 1-credit seminar should contact Gretchen Garrett at to be added to the course, which can be repeated. The class will consist of presentations from life science research faculty and information on how to conduct undergraduate research. Students are encouraged to review the various programs including the funded undergraduate research programs. For more information see UF Science for Life Program. The GATOR (Group Advantaged Training of Research) program’s website is http://www.biology.ufl.edu/hhmi/.

McNair Scholars Program

The McNair Scholars Program is a federally-funded program which focuses on getting underrepresented minorities into graduate school through undergraduate research. This program has various tools aimed at making the scholar the ideal graduate school candidate. For more information, go to http://mcnair.aa.ufl.edu/application.aspx.

The University of Florida International Review

An online student-edited journal of international affairs that, with the support of the Political Science department, seeks to offer an outlet for students to discuss the issues of today that have the potential to change the realities of tomorrow. The University of Florida International Review is accepting articles for consideration. All articles received roughly one month before publication will be considered for the upcoming issue. Any articles received after that time will be considered for the subsequent issue. www.polisci.ufl.edu/UF_Review/

National Conference for Undergraduate Research

A national organization that provides opportunities for students with research projects to present their projects at national gatherings.

National Science Foundation REU Program

NSF provides funding for faculty and students who are involved in Undergraduate Research. They include on their web site a complete list of all Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) locations and contact information. www.nsf.gov

Beckman Scholarship

The purpose of the Beckman Scholars Program is to help stimulate, encourage and support research activities by exceptionally talented undergraduate students. Research focuses on either chemistry, biochemistry, the biological and medical sciences or some combination of these subjects. Students should apply very early in their studies, generally in the freshman or early sophomore years.

Research Credit – IDH4917

Is there an interesting subject that you would like to study for a semester, receiving class credit for it? If you have found a faculty member who is willing to do an independent study or research project with you, you may sign up for this course. For approval you will need to complete our application and provide a cogent plan of study with a faculty signature indicating approval of your course of study. Your project cannot duplicate a regularly offered course in the UF curriculum. You may use this course for elective credit. Your study may culminate in a research paper, examinations, or other graded material left at the discretion of your faculty sponsor. You do not have to be in the Honors Program to earn these credits.

Please Note: There is a late fee assessed by the Registrar’s Office for students who register for this class during Drop/Add week if they have not previously registered for any other class that semester.