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Alumni Around the World

Maria Oliva, MA 1982, works for El Cronista, an economic newspaper in Buenos Aires. She is a sub-editor for international news on the economic news desk.

Tracy Caulkins-Stockwell, TEL 1985, a 1984 Olympic gold medal winner and one of “47 Women of Distinction” honored on the 50th anniversary of coed education at UF, is president of Womensport Queensland. The organization seeks to raise the profile of the country’s sportswomen and their achievements and to encourage them.

Tracy and her husband, Mark Stockwell (also an Olympian), own Stockwell Building and Development as well as a sport and leisure management company, Splash Pleasure, in Brisbane.

The All-American swimmer at UF has been a color commentator for CBS, WTBS, ESPN and the Australian Broadcasting Corp. covering swimming events and has conducted swimming clinics in Australia and Asia. She and Mark have three children—twins Maddison and William, 6, and Emily, 2.

Mike Edkins, ADV 1993, is managing director of Promotion in Motion, a specialized marketing services agency in Lilyfield. The agency’s “Discovery Channel” promotion won a creative choice award in the Australian Ad News competition.

Cara Muroff, JM 2000, earned a post-graduate diploma in journalism/digital media as a graduate student at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. She studied on a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship from January until November 2001. In conjunction with the scholarship, she spoke at Rotary Clubs throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The Rotary Club of Ocala/Silver Springs sponsored her.

She is now a general assignment reporter for the Stuart News.

Joe Coppoletta in Salzburg

Joe Coppoletta in Salzburg

Joe Coppoletta, TEL 1987, has taken a hiatus from Hollywood to produce films in Europe. He was recently hired by a large German film fund to complete two $6.5-million TV movies. While working on the films, he has taught at a film school in Salzburg.

He has made four TV movies for the German networks in the last several years. They included Force Majeur, Twilight of the Gods, The Hunted and Death Match. In the U.S., he produced multiple episodes on several TV series, including The New Adventures of Robin Hood; Walker, Texas Ranger; Knots Landing and Falcon Crest.

He earned two Cine Golden Eagles, seven New York International Film Festival Awards and two Emmy awards plus various film festival honors.

Lee Hogan, TEL 1988, left his career as a top DJ on an Orlando radio station, sold his house, stored all his possessions and moved to Innsbruck, Austria—all for love. Hogan said the move was a “total lifestyle change”—because he did not yet speak German and had to take up freelancing.

About a year ago he started working full-time for an upstart multimedia company which creates technical training programs. “I crash-course learned how to build a digital studio,” Hogan said. “And now I’m working in my self-made studio correcting, recording and editing training scripts and other projects for infoWERK. He said the work is not as satisfying as music radio, but that he’s learning a lot about the high-tech world of Internet and digital production.

Hogan and the love of his life, who is a native of Austria, now have two children—Peter, 2, and Kathleen, 1.

Teresa Varner Arellano, MA 1993, works as a volunteer for the Bahamas Humane Society and the Bahamas Reef Environment Foundation in Nassau. She and her husband, an engineer, have a son, Sergio Miguel, born in August 2000.

Linda E. Woodside-Major, TEL 1980, MA 1981, is senior information officer at Bahamas Information Services, the government information and press liaison arm of the Govern-ment of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in Nassau.

Margo Rae Rumbaugh Baeta, ADV 1989, MA 1991, is an advertising and public relations consultant. She became fluent in Portuguese and is certified to teach English as a second language. She and her husband, Jose, have twins, Sabrina and Dominique.

Steve Hooper in the 1960s

Steve Hooper in the 1960s

Steve Hooper, TEL 1956, is proud that he was in the first class of broadcasting graduates in the College. But the native of Canada thinks his career was almost an accident.

“I stumbled into the university radio station—WRUF—during an ‘open house’ and they said anybody could audition. So I did, and the rest is history. One of my jobs was the sign-on shift. I had to be at the station at five-twenty in the morning and press a button to turn on the transmitter. Ten minutes later I’d start talking. It was hard arising at such an early hour, and at times I’d find myself running down the highway between the fraternity house and the station. If it were raining, I’d wrap my clothes in a towel and run in my bathing suit. I was never knocked down. I learned early in my broadcasting career you need a good voice and plenty of speed.”

The early broadcasting program, said Hooper, “had minimal radio equipment and no television facilities at all. We wrote TV scripts, but the only time we saw a real operation was during an afternoon visit to a UHF station in Jacksonville.”

Hooper’s career as a reporter-newscaster-editor spanned nearly 40 years, including 11 years with CBC in Toronto and CKCO-TV in Kitchener.

Retired since 1994, Hooper and his wife, Betty, live in Kitchener, Ontario.

Elfi Schlegel-Dunn

Elfi Schlegel-Dunn

Elfi Schlegel-Dunn, TEL 1986, is an expert analyst with NBC Sports who has covered five Olympics, including the recent Summer and Winter Games. She established herself as one of the best gymnasts in Canadian history in 1978 when she won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games. Then she went on to win gold in the Pan Am Games and a World Cup medal in 1980. She missed an opportunity for Olympic gold when Canada boycotted the 1980 games.

A six-time All-American at UF, she was inducted into the UF Sports Hall of Fame and was honored in 1997 as one of UF’s “47 Women of Distinction.”

She and her husband, Marc Dunn, a 1996 Canadian Olympic beach volleyball player, were married in 1999 and have a daughter, Olivia Frances, born Sept. 19. They own a recreational gymnastics center in Oakville, Ontario.

Lesley Richardson, PR 1984, is a full-time art student at Exeter.

Jennifer Peters, PR 1997, is global marketing media relations manager for Logica, a large global IT solutions company in London. She supervises five lines of the business in 34 countries.

Michelle Calcote King, PR 1998, MA 2000, is an account manager for a small business-to-business and consumer public relations agency, Joe Public Relations, in London. The firm is a member of the OneMonday Group (formerly called Text100), which has its roots in technology public relations. Her husband, Steven, a UF grad, is a forestry consultant.

She wrote, “We’ve gotten acclimated to the English weather and to the high cost of living in London! I just went to Paris for a meeting and plan to go back in June as a tourist.

Jennifer Rubenstein with Greg Dyke

Jennifer Rubenstein with BBC director general Greg Dyke in London

Jennifer Rubinstein, JM 1998, is media relations coordinator in London for World ORT, one of the largest non-governmental education and training organizations in the world, with activities in over 100 countries. ORT trains more than 300,000 students annually in its high schools, colleges and training institutes. Rubinstein works closely with fundraising efforts in the U.S. She was working as a reporter for the Sun Sentinel Community News Group in Fort Lauderdale when she interviewed the director of ORT. He recruited her to work in public relations for ORT.

Fernando “Nando” Miranda, ADV 1996, is an International MBA student at the Helsinki School of Economics.

He has worked as a project manager at Grey Interactive Helsinki, as a freelance English language instructor and as an assistant account executive for Cadillac Events at D’Arcy Advertising in Detroit.

Fernando Miranda in Helsinki with dog, Oscar

Fernando Miranda in Helsinki with dog, Oscar

He wrote, “When I met my first Finnish friends in Detroit I didn’t realize that my life would change so dramatically. They introduced me to a longtime friend of theirs by showing me just one photo. Nine months of e-mails and phone calls passed by, and I visited Finland for the first time. It wasn’t long after that when I moved to Helsinki permanently.

And now, Helena is my wife!” Nando and Helena are expecting their first child, a son, in June. They and their dog Oscar live in a downtown apartment that has been featured twice in Finland’s largest home décor magazine.

Next year they hope to move to Scotland, where Helena will continue her research career after she finishes her Ph.D. at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

They have traveled widely—and he played for two years with the Helsinki Wolverines in Finland’s premier football league.Nando expressed his philosophy, “Sometimes you just have to walk through every door that opens right in front of you.

Jessica Haunschild

Jessica Haunschild

Patricia Giernoth, PR 1996, directs marketing for dealer management systems for DaimlerChrysler in Stuttgart. She works in the field of automotive information technology management in the Competence Center for Dealer and Importer Solutions. She is in charge of Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep and worldwide, excluding NAFTA.

Earlier she worked as a marketing consultant for IBM and three years at Mercedes-Benz doing advertising and public relations for vehicle diagnostics.

Jessica Haunschild, MA 1994, lives in Hannover where she is CEO of a publishing company, ibidemVerlag, specializing in scientific books. “I love my job,” she said, “because it keeps me connected with university life. Unfortunately it’s also rather demanding and has kept me from traveling as much as I’d like to.” She lives in Hannover.

Dr. Philemon “Phil” Bantimaroudis, MA 1995, is an assistant professor of cultural technology and communication at the University of the Agean in Mytilene. He earned his Ph.D. degree at the University of Texas at Austin in 1999 and taught one year at Northern Michigan University before returning to Greece.

Gabriela I. Galvez, TEL 1984, directs the recording of a government-produced English teaching radio program which is funded by USAID, the United States Agency for International Development, in Tegucigalpa.

Just out of college, she worked as a production assistant for the country’s largest television station and then (with her brother Juan F. Galvez, TEL 1985) co-founded Producciones, G.M., a production company. She recorded for an array of artists and ensembles. In her free time, Galvez was a member of the Honduran National racquetball team for a couple of years.

Jai Chandiram

Jai Chandiram

Jai Chandiram, TEL 1961, MA 1966, is an adviser to the government of Andhra Pradesh on the KU Band Project, developing educational channels. And she is also president of the International Association of Workmen in Radio and Television (IAWRT). She specializes in gender and education issues.

Earlier in her career she worked on a Ford Foundation project with Dr. Kenneth A. Christiansen, the first chair of telecommunication at UF.

As a master’s student she participated in a WUFT-TV series on the Humanities, with Dr. Didier Graeffe.

She played the lead role in a television play, Jaya and the Magician, a mask play which Didier wrote especially for her.

Returning to her native India, she became a trainer at the Film and Television Institute of India and headed the Central Institute of Educational Technology, which produces programs for children.

She was executive director for the educational media at the Indira Gandhi National Open University. She retired from deputy director general from Doordarshan and worked for the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts as executive director.

Rachline photos on magazines

Rachline photos on magazines

Jonathan D. Rachline, JM 1987, is a freelance commercial photographer, specializing in large-format, architectural, interior design and on-site product photography in Kfar Saba. He works with interior designers and custom manufacturers and freelances for leading design magazines, advertising agencies and book publishers. His work has appeared on the covers of leading magazines and books.

Daniele Trevisani, MA 1992, is a communication and marketing consultant who teaches at the University of Bologna and University of San Marino on the side. He has published two best-selling books in marketing communications.

Laura Ahmann, MA 1998, will join the “Peaceboat” this summer as a volunteer English instructor. She’ll visit 19 countries on the 37th Summer 2002 Global Voyage. The sponsoring organization is “working with other NGOs on peace and sustainable development issues.” When the boat returns to Japan, she hopes to work there for a year.

Scott Huegel (right) with wife Heather (second from left) and friends

Scott Huegel (right) with wife Heather (second from left) and friends

Scott Huegel, JM 1993, was looking for a photojournalism job at a newspaper when he graduated, but that all changed.

“Instead, I took a job with the Japanese Ministry of Education … as an English teacher, of all things,” Huegel said. “I had studied Japanese for one year at UF and I loved it. .. The thought of living and working abroad and in a place like Japan was too good to pass up. I also knew it would add tremendous value to my photography.”

Huegel was assigned to a school in a remote mountain village. “I was a teacher in the one and only junior high school in the town. I loved it. No one spoke English, and my nearest Western neighbor was a 30-minute drive away from me,” he said.

He left Japan in 1996 with a British girlfriend Heather (now his wife) and they spent three months in Indonesia before moving to Australia. He worked as tourist guide and diving instructor.

They returned to Japan in 1997, where they taught in Nagoya. And in 1998 they moved to London, where he joined a company that deals exclusively with intellectual property. He’s a senior consultant who looks after a core group of companies that use a database system created to retrieve patent and trademark information. He does training, consulting and sales as well.

Hyunsoo Park

Hyunsoo Park

Youngmin Choi, MA 1986, is CEO and president of Hanshin Machinery Co. in Ansan, Kyunggido.

Yungwook Kim, PhD 1997, teaches public relations at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, the largest women’s university in the world with 30,000 students. He consults on community relations and crisis management.

Dr. Hyunsoo Park, MA 1995, PhD 1998, is an assistant professor in the mass communication department at Dankook University in Seoul, one of the top ten universities in Korea.

Shari Monnes and husband Peter

Shari Monnes and husband Peter at the State House Bridge in Sweden

Shari Miller Monnes, PR 1989, is on a year-long maternity leave as a senior account manager at the Dowell Stubbs Advertising Communications agency in Stockholm. The international agency specializes in hi-tech clients. She joined them to head their digital division and develop strategy for their Internet and online communications efforts. She worked with clients such as Siemens Medical Solutions, Xcounter and LightUp Technologies.

Monnes said, “You’re probably wondering how I ended up in Sweden (land of reindeer, midnight sun and Vikings)?’ The answer is that her husband, Peter, took a one-year assignment there for Motorola.

She and Peter are the new parents of Katarina Emma, born Dec. 10.

Elaine Holtschneider Moloney with family in Switzerland

Elaine Holtschneider Moloney, ADV 1983, has lived in Europe with her family for six years—first in Wiesbaden, Germany, then near Zurich, Switzerland.

A UF law graduate as well, she was in-house counsel for Lawyer’s Title Insurance Corp. in Detroit before the move. “What started as a three-year sabbatical for me,” said Moloney, “has turned into a 6-plus year adventure.”

She and her husband, Jim, have four children—Danny, 10; Anna, 8; Katie, 6; and Joey, 2. Early in her legal career she worked for Pappas & Metcalf, Jacksonville, in real estate development, and then for the State Attorney’s office.

Now she said she’s using her talents to enhance the educational and cultural experiences of children living in foreign lands. She has initiated a book fair program bringing affordable English-language books to children attending school in Zumikon, Switzerland, and has also supported an orphanage in Czestochowa, Poland.

The Moloneys visit the U.S. at least once each year.

“I want my children to know and love their country,” Elaine said. Each visit to Florida includes a stop in Gainesville for a Burrito Brothers feast.

“No matter how far away you live, a little of UF remains forever in your heart.”

Dustin Dzwo

Dustin Dzwo

Dustin Dzwo Tzong-horng, PhD 1998, is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Management at Nan-hua University in Chia-yi, Taiwan. He teaches courses in public relations.

Wang-Ming Yang, MA 1995, is an account director with J. Walter Thompson Advertising in Taipei.

Saravudh Anantachart

Saravudh Anantachart

Saravudh Anantachart, MA 1995, PhD 1998, is an assistant professor of advertising in communication arts at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

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