Dr. Juan-Carlos Molleda on Research

Published: November 13th, 2012

Category: College News

Dr. Juan-Carlos Molleda has made it a priority to exercise the three legs of academia – service, teaching and research. Dr. Molleda’s accomplishments in the field of public relations are numerous, but most recently he was awarded the top paper at the PRSA International Conference. This is the second year in a row Dr. Molleda’s entry has received this prestigious award and is an ongoing example of how his research is relevant not only to the classroom, but to the ever-changing industry of communications.
His paper, “An Intertwined Future: Exploring the Relationship between the Levels of Professionalism and Social Roles of Public Relations Practitioners,” looks into the future of public relations and the ability of the industry to adapt to its evolving role of the practice and the urgency in which this change is occurring.
Recently awarded full professorship, Dr. Molleda continues to take his award-winning research back to the classroom at the doctoral, graduate and undergraduate levels.
His full biography can be found here.

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