How CJC Career Day works for students

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for the Career Services database at
  2. Register for CJC Career Day at
  3. Prepare your packet for upload. The packet must be a single file that contains your cover letter, resume and clips or work samples. It should be in PDF (preferred) or Word (DOC) format. It must be ready to upload prior to submitting interview requests. Uploading the packet on a per-request basis allows you to tailor the contents to the employer. If you have an online portfolio, you can list the URL in your Interviewing Day profile (created in step 2, above).
  4. Submit interview requests. The deadline is midnight March 5.
    • Visit the "participating employers” page at
    • Read company profiles and determine which you would like to interview with. There is no limit on the number of employers with whom you can request interviews.
    • Submit interview request by clicking on the “Request an interview” link at the bottom of the company’s profile page. You will be asked to upload the packet you created above to complete the request process. The packet can be replaced by visiting the company's profile page any time before the October 10 deadline.
  5. After the March 5 deadline for interview requests passes, employers can then review the requests.
    • Employers will either accept, decline or leave an interview pending.
    • Accepted interviews will be shown under “Interview schedule” on your profile page ( during one of your available times.
    • Declined Interviews:  Will show on your profile under “Declined Interview Requests”
    • Pending Interviews:  Will remain on your profile under “Pending Interview Requests”
  6. The deadline for employers to act on requests is March 17 at midnight. Check your profile page to view your final schedule.
  7. Missing an interview without sufficient reason and/or notice will result in you being eliminated from participating in future Interviewing Days.  You will also be required to submit a letter to Knight Division apologizing for your absence.
  8. Be on time to interviews, dress appropriately and be prepared for each company.