How CJC Career Day works for employers

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for a Career Services employer account at
    Wait for profile to be activated. Activation usually takes less than 24 hours (except on weekends, when it takes until Monday morning).
  2. Register for CJC Career Day →
    This also needs to be confirmed by the Knight Division.
  3. Your profile page is at
    You can update several of your settings there at any time. Certain changes require approval from the Knight Division.
  4. If you are an Open Table recruiter for Interviewing Day, you are all done until Interviewing Day.

    If you are doing pre-screened, scheduled interviews, your next actions take place after the end of the student registration/request period.

  5. Pending Interview Requests will appear on your profile page, along with a section for Declined Interview Requests.
  6. Clicking the linked students' names under Pending Interview Requests allows you to view information about them and download their cover letter/resume/clips packet for examination. This page is also where you can select an interview time or decline the interwiew. Neither of these actions unchangeable. The interview times shown represent the intersection of your available times with those of the student.
  7. Submitting an interview time moves the student from pending interviews onto your schedule shown on your profile page. Declining a student likewise moves the student from pending to the declined section.

    If you need to reschedule a student or otherwise change a decision, clicking the student's name on the schedule will return you to the student profile, where you can reset the interview to pending and then select your new desired action on the request.

  8. The deadline for employers to act on requests is midnight of the Tuesday before Interviewing Day.

If you have any further questions about the Interviewing day process, please contact Alexandria Wilkerson (email) in the Knight Division.