Master of Arts in Mass Communication

Specializing in Global Strategic Communication

An Online Graduate Degree Program for Professionals

As societies evolve, so do the ways we communicate. Strategists who embrace these changes emerge as leaders.

University of Florida’s Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MAMC) program with a specialization in Global Strategic Communication gives students the tools and experience to develop innovative communication strategies and messages that resonate with international audiences. Corporations, non-profits and government agencies desperately need these experts to guide them as they engage international markets.

Designed for working professionals, this program is exclusively available online. 100% of classes are delivered through the Internet so students never have to set foot on campus, allowing our inspiring faculty to deliver world-class content to students across the country and around the globe.

You will learn skills and strategies you can put to practical use through courses including:

  • International Public Relations
  • International Advertising
  • Foundations of Intercultural Communications
  • International Issues Management and Crisis Communication
  • Corporate Reputation and Communication

See our Master’s Degree Curriculum page for a complete list of courses, then review our admission requirements to see if you have what it takes to be part of this exciting program and propel your career to the next level.

The world is listening, and it’s time to speak up. We’ll help you find the words. Contact us today for more information.