Ph.D. Degree


The University of Florida is dedicated to excellence in its Ph.D. program in mass communication. The program offers a course of study in an ideal setting for a quality educational experience.

The College of Journalism and Communications is proud of its award-winning student body and faculty, and boasts a variety of backgrounds made possible by one of the largest enrollments in the country. Some 200 students engage in graduate and advanced studies, joining 2,300 undergraduates. More than 53 faculty members teach, conduct research, and provide service.

The University of Florida encourages applications from individuals of both sexes of all cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious groups. The University does not discriminate on the basis of handicap or age.

Every application is considered in its entirety. The faculty considers every application — even those that fall just short of the GRE and GPA norms.

College’s doctoral program ranks 6th of 91 in the nation

A 2010 analysis of the quality of communication doctoral programs in the United States ranked the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications at number 6 among similar programs.

The study assessed program quality by using objective and quantifiable indicators rather than subjective rankings that are common in other rankings. The measures emphasized both the number and quality of programs that hired new Ph.D.s from each institution.

The results suggest that graduates from the doctoral program in Florida’s Journalism and Communications College are competitive with those from the best programs in the nation. Not only are these graduates in heavy demand, they are also competitive for the best academic jobs in the U.S.

Purpose of the Doctoral Program

The Ph.D. degree is a research degree. The Ph.D. program is designed to help develop knowledge, attitudes, and skills so graduates can make important contributions to understanding mass communication. Faculty members help students lay the foundation for a lifetime of significant, creative work.

The doctoral program prepares students for a variety of opportunities in mass communication. Graduates are expected to teach at colleges and universities; conduct research for organizations in advertising, journalism, public relations, telecommunication, and other mass communication fields; do consulting; and conduct research and contribute to policy in government and private organizations. Doctoral students in the College of Journalism and Communications gain valuable experience in both teaching and research. Assistantships help prepare students for academic and other research positions. Students in the program have consistently been among the nation’s leaders in winning top-paper awards at national and regional scholarly meetings.

A message from the Associate Dean

If you are planning a visit to campus, I would be honored to take you to lunch to talk more about our program. I encourage you to come to campus to meet current graduate students and faculty, and to tour our building and UF’s campus. It’s a great way to become familiar with the program and UF!

Associate Dean Debbie Treise

Email Dr. Treise at:


Application Deadlines

Check your
Application Status

Because of the time required to process an international application and the time required for you to make visa and financial arrangements, the following deadlines have been established for receipt of all admissions materials.

Entering Term Application Deadline
Fall January 15 (Both Domestic and International Applicants)

All admissions materials must be received by this deadline.

Your application will not be processed until ALL credentials are received in the Office of Admissions. For each institution attended, you must submit official transcript(s) and official degree/diploma statement(s), if applicable, in the original language as well as official English translations. All documents become property of the University. Credentials of applicants who do not enroll will be destroyed and cannot be returned or forwarded elsewhere. If you are planning to submit a paper application, it is highly recommended that you submit it no later than 6 weeks before the deadline, to ensure it is processed timely.

Professional and respectful treatment of our admissions and other staff members, faculty and administrators is required.  Unprofessional or disrespectful treatment will result in denial of admission.

Assistantships/Fellowships – March 15th.

When submitting your application online, please e-mail Sarah G. Lee, Admissions Coordinator at, so she can print it out and add it to your application materials.